Beech Hill Publishing Company      

Mount Desert, Maine                              

About the company: 

1975 - 1996: Beech Hill was originally established in 1975, when we began publishing scientific journals and articles. Shortly thereafter, Beech Hill began publishing books about Maine and Mount Desert Island history, myth, folklore and nature. The original Beech Hill ceased publishing publishing in 1995 after Taylor and Francis Group acquired the publishing rights to our flagship scientific journal Experimental Aging Research, which is published to this day. 

2013 - 2019: Beech Hill was re-established in 2013, publishing Body, Mind & Spirit titles. We began a distributional relationship with New Leaf Distributing Company in 2016.  

An archival website dedicated to the 21 books published between 2014 and 2019, with links to author websites is planned - please check back! 

Permissions Requests and General Inquiries: 

Penelope K Elias, PhD, Managing Editor
Telephone: 207-244-9674