Ocke de Boer is the author of Higher Being Bodies: A Non-Dualistic Approach to the Fourth Way With Hope, as well as the forthcoming title ​Two Souls, ​to be released in November, 2016. Ocke is the engine of a work group in Holland which has been in existence since 1990. Before meeting with the Work, he studied esotericism in Amsterdam for four years at a Raja Yoga School for Universal Thinking, which is non-dualistic thinking. Ocke has Work relationships with several Fourth Way groups and communities around the world. He has presented papers at the All and Everything International Humanities Conference in Holland, England and the United States. Beech Hill maintains a site dedicated to his books at www.higherbeingbodies.com 

David Kherdian is an internationally acclaimed author of 75 books, 23 of them poetry, and is Beech Hill's featured artist. David's biography of his mother (​The Road From Home), the sole survivor of her family of the Armenian genocide, has been continuously in print for 37 years and translated into seventeen languages.  His awards include a Newbery Honor Book Award,  The Boston Globe / Horn Book Award, The Jane Addams Award, The Friends of American Writers Award, The Armenian Star Award, and a nomination for the National Book Award. His newest release is ​Poems 1, ​ which are essential selections from the earliest period of his poetic writing.  More information about David's work can be found on this site under Featured Artist

Richard Lloyd is an internationally renowned rock and roll musician, recording artist,  and a founding member of Television.  As an author, Lloyd  was a regular columnist with Guitar World Magazine--the "Alchemical Guitarist."  He also contributed the foreword to Joseph Azize's  John Lennon: Harmony out of Pain (​Beech Hill, 2015) and an article, "Gurdjieff and My Ordinary Life" for Kherdian's A Stopinder Anthology: Volume 2 ​ (Beech Hill, 2016). ​His forthcoming memoir, ​Everything is Combustible: Televison, CBGB's and Five Decades of Rock and Roll ​will be released October 24, 2017.  As an autodidact, he has developed extensive expertise in many scientific and religious areas, and believes in the alchemical rule: "one book opens another." Learn more about Richard Lloyd's forthcoming memoir at Everythingiscombustible.com

A.E. McIntyre is the author of the forthcoming book, Winter, Spring,Summer and Fall.  This work was the culmination of a year dedicated to minimalism, wherein he committed himself to writing only three-lined poems in the style of the American haiku form. He is the founder of The Never Forget Foundation, a Philadelphia based nonprofit which seeks to assist children who have lost a parent.  He believes that the secret to our existence can be found in the experience of ordinary things, like going for a walk in the woods, or even doing the evening dishes.  Like Scottish and Irish walking prayers, he seeks to find the sacred in the act of living.  For him, poetry is the means through which he attempts to come to grips with the natural world, however, in his estimation, the supernatural is always present.  A.E. McIntyre is Beech Hill's inaugural Artist-in-Residence.

Brianna Bedigian​ is a native of Mount Desert Island. She has authored ​Healing Footstep to Footstep, ​to be released by Beech Hill in early 2017.  Brianna is a recognized expert in her fields of Yoga, Reiki and Hypnosis and has taught for Universities, Foundations, Museums and numerous Yoga Studios. She worked for the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) as their Manager for Rights and Reproductions, where she ran the in-gallery yoga program for eight years.  In 2012 Brianna opened Quiet Winds, a Yoga Studio and Reiki School in Baltimore, while also working with the University of Maryland’s (UMM) Department of Integrative Medicine. Brianna currently is one of the teachers for UMM’s 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training Program. In 2014 Brianna and her husband relocated to Davidson, North Carolina, where she continues to guide students on their personal paths to wellness. Her website is www.briannabedigian.com

Will Mesa's recent book, ​My Life With Mr. Beelzebub​,  is a testimony to the 40 years he has spent studying the teaching of G.I. Gurdjieff, in both its theoretical as well as its practical aspects. Dr, Mesa is a professor of Electrical Engineering. He received a Ph.D in electrical engineering from the University of Florida in 1971. His major interest in life is Gnosticism and Initiationism. Dr. Mesa spent three years with a group led by Henri Tracol in Paris, and seven years with the groups of Nathalie Ethievan in Venezuela. He is the author of over 20 papers on ​Gurdjieff's All and Everything, First Series: Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson which have been ​published in journals including Stopinder. Dr. Mesa has authored  more than 50 articles on his internet site "Gospel According to Beekzebub."  He has presented papers at the All and Everything International Humanities Conference in Canterbury, England and Salem, Massachusetts, and the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (SSSR) in the United States.

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Joseph Azize  has authored two books published by Beech Hill: ​ How to Spot A Fraud  and ​John Lennon: Harmony Out of Pain. ​Fr. Azize also contributed  the foreword for ​A Stopinder Anthology, ​and is the editor of the forthcoming ​Constantinople Notes on the Transition to Man Number 4 ​by Boris Ferapontoff.  Joseph is a Sydney Historian and Attorney. He studied with George and Helen Adie from 1981 to 1989. He is acquainted with Greek, Latin and the ancient cuneiform language of Akkadian and has also made inroads into Egyptian and its hieroglyphics, Sumerian, Hebrew and Ugartic. Fr. Azize currently serves as Diocesan Priest and Research Officer with the Maronite Eparchy of Australia. His other books include: ​The Phoenician Solar Theology: An Investigation Into the Phoenician Opinion of the Sun Found in Julian's Hymn to King Helios, and ​George Adie: A Gurdjieff  Pupil in Australia. Fr. Azize's website can be found at:  www.josephazize.com

Donna Marie Merritt's newest poetry release, We Walk Together, ​ has been described as "drops of conscience." Donna is the author of four previous poetry books, most recently, ​Her House and Other Poems  ​(2013, Stairwell Books). She is the author of the Poetry For Tough Times series: ​What's Wrong with Ordinary? Poems to Celebrate Life  (2012), ​Cancer, A Caregiver's View  (2011), and Job Loss, A Journey in Poetry  ​(2010), all from Avalon Press. Her poems have appeared in magazines, school reading programs, and  American Library Association's Book Links, ​along with several anthologies. Donna is also the author of 15 math and science books for children. She is the mother of three grown children and lives with her husband in Connecticut. Learn more about Donna's books and upcoming events at www.DonnaMarieBooks.com

Alan Francis ​is the author of ​Secrets of the Fourth Way.  ​He began his Fourth Way work with Jim and Norma Flynn a the Los Angeles Gurdjieff Foundation in 1969. In 1999 he founded the Oregon Gurdjieff Foundation with Norma Flynn, with the approval of Michel De Salzmann. Commensurate with his work with the Foundation, Alan was the founding director of Turnaround, a skid row social services center that specialized in the treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholics and drug addicts. In 2006, Alan founded the Russian Center for Gurdjieff Studies, and now leads groups in Moscow. More information about Alan's work in Russia can be found atwww.gurdjieffclub.com/en/alan-fransis  Alan is currently a consultant at Neuroweb Foresight Project which was created as a part of Education Futures Foreseight 2030 in cooperation with the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo", and  the Federal Agency of Strategic Initiatives. The project is evolving internationally with support from ASI and Russian Venture Company.

​Pierce Butler  has authored two books published by Beech Hill: the novel A Child of the Sun, and ​An Index for  G.I. Gurdjieff's All and Everything, First Series: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson. ​Pierce was born in Waterford City, Ireland. He is the author of two other novels: A Malady, and ​A Riddle of Stars., ​and numerous short stories and essays. He has worked with Fourth Way groups in Massachusetts, where he read Beelzebub's Tales more than once; in creating the index for Gurdjieff's book, he draws upon 40 years' experience as a professional indexer. Pierce also practices in the Solo Zen tradition and leads meditation groups for inmates of the Massachusetts prison system. He teaches writing and literature at Bentley University and lives in Waltham, Massachusetts with his wife, Susan Holbert. Pierce's website is www.piercebutler.net