Filmmaker Jim Belleau's 1997 documentary about David Kherdian's poetry was filmed on location in Racine, Wisconsin, Kherdian's bithplace, and features interviews and readings by David:

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David Kherdian  is an internationally acclaimed author of 73 books, 23 of them poetry. David's biography of his mother (The Road from Home), ​the sole survivor of her family of the Armenian genocide, has been continuously in print for 36 years, and has been translated into seventeen languages.

His longstanding dedication to ethnic American literature led to the production of three seminal works: ​Settling America: The Ethnic Expression of 14 Contemporary Poets, Forgotten Bread: Armenian American Writers of the First Generation, and Forkroads: A Journal of Ethnic-American Literature.

​David has also written numerous spiritual titles, including ​Monkey: A Journey to the West, Buddha: The Story of an Awakened Life, On A Spaceship with Beelzebub: By A Grandson of Gurdjieff, and ​Seeds of Light: Poems from a Gurdjieff Community.

​He has received numerous awards including a Newbery Honor Book Award, The Boston Globe / Horn Book Award, The Jane Addams Award, The Friends of American Writers Award, The Armenian Star Award, and a nomination for the National Book Award.

His titles on the Beech Hill imprint include his memoir ​Root River Return ​(2015), which combines poetry and prose, ​The Dividing River / The Meeting Shore: Twenty Fifth Anniversary Edition ​(2015), his classic exploration of loss and renewal. David's edited volumes include ​A Stopinder Anthology ​(2015) and ​The Struggle of the Magicians: Scenario of the Ballet (2014) ​by G.I. Gurdjieff.  

David's most recent release is ​Poems 1, ​the first in a five-part series of essential selections from his vast catalog of poems written over the past 50 years.

Beech Hill is excited to announce that plans are in the works to publish Kherdian's Collected poetic work, totaling around 550 poems, in deluxe format in 2017, in celebration of this great Amercian author and poet.

David currently resides in Marblehead, Massachusetts, with his wife Nonny Hogrogian, an award winning artist and illustrator.

In this clip, David discussed his award winning book, ​The Road From Home, the story of his mother, the sole survivor of her family of the Armenian genocide: